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  • Personalization (Such as Name, Number, Etc.) *
Shipping in 5 December Monday at the latest!
• 1 Pcs Personalized Wallet
• 1 Yellow 1 Red Personalized Card
• 2 Pcs Note Paper
• 1 Pcs Pencil
• 1 Pcs Personalized Keychain

• It's Our Proud To End The Referee Accessories That Everyone Has For Classic Cards. Now You Can Personalize Your Accessories Through Our Store And Have It Custom Made For You Or Anyone. The Best Gift for Referees Personalized Accessories.

• Contact Worldwide Stores for Wholesale & Retail Sales and Special Designs for Stores

• Associations , Private Organizations , Tournaments , Federations , Groups Etc. Specially designed accessories such as special logos or special text are made for communities such as Bulk Purchases, You can contact our store for designs.

E-mail: [email protected]
WhatsApp : +90 545 345 98 61 - Link : wa.me/905453459861

What You Need to Know About Personalized Products

1) For Personalized Products, Except for the Information Specified in the Order, the Customer's Wrong Letter, Number, Name Etc. Returns - Exchanges are not accepted in such errors.
2) Orders of Personalized Products in Busy Periods are Delivered to the Cargo the Next Day at the latest.
3) The Production Time of Bulk Orders May Be Extended. You can contact our store to get a daily report for your bulk orders.
4) The Design, Logo, Number, Name Etc. in the Products of the Buyer Desiring to Make Personalized Products. Responsible for Qualifications. He has read and accepted in the product description that all responsibility belongs to him in case of any problem after requesting the use of any patented, proprietary or copyrighted features (such as logo, etc.).
5) If the Buyer Who Orders Personalized Products Doesn't Have Any Permission To Use The Qualities (Logo Etc.) Specified In The Order, Our Brand - Our Company Doesn't Take Responsibility For Any Problem. All Responsibility Belongs To The Buyer. )
InstallmentInstallment AmountTotal amount
1 4,14 EUR4,14 EUR
2 2,07 EUR4,14 EUR
3 1,38 EUR4,14 EUR
4 --
5 --
6 --
7 --
8 --
9 --
10 --
11 --
12 --

If the day you order the product is at or before 18:00, your order will be shipped on the same day. And it will be delivered the next day.

If you have given the cargo after 18:00, if your product is in stock, the next day shipping is made.

Your International Orders Are Delivered To Cargo Within 1-2 Days
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