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Maç Not Kağıtları (Türkçe)

Shipping in 28 January Saturday at the latest!
It's Time to Get Rid of Old Design Match Note Papers. Produced by Our Brand by Coloring with Special Designs.
Totally White Color was Preferred in the Design of Note Cards.
All the Critical Details You Need to Take Notes During the Match were Included in the Design of the Note Cards (Teams, Goals, Minutes, Substitutions, Disciplinary Practices, First Kick Etc.)
It has been designed to be the easiest to use so that you can keep your notes completely during the match and it is produced for any pen to be written on.
Each Package Consists of 50 Yellow Match Note Cards
All Our Designs Belong To Our Team. It is forbidden to copy or produce any part or whole of it without permission!
InstallmentInstallment AmountTotal amount
1 2,32 EUR2,32 EUR
2 1,16 EUR2,32 EUR
3 0,77 EUR2,32 EUR
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