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Yellow and Red Card (2022 with Turkish Label)

Shipping in 28 January Saturday at the latest!
  • Tried, tested and proven to be the trusted solution by FIFA and 1000s of referees around the world.
  • Labeled Yellow Red Card
  • There Are Labels On The Cards
  • A Professional and Modern Way of Refereeing
  • Product Color is Transparent
  • You can write and delete your match notes with a lead or acetate pen.
  • Semi-permanent adhesive means that removing and discarding a sticker will not damage your cards.
Card Detalies 
  • It's Time to Change Your Cards.
  • We Produced High Level FIFA Quality Cards Against Cheap, Made in China, Very Flexible, Thin, Easily Broken, Worn Cards
  • Thanks to Coatings Made in Germany, Our Cards Have Bright And Vivid Colors
  • Thanks to the layers we specially prepared and the materials we researched, our cards have a durable and smooth structure.
  • Our cards are 11 x 8 cm and 1 mm thick.
  • Our Cards Are Preferred By Referees Of All Levels Worldwide
  • Tested in All Conditions
  • Yellow and Red Referee Card Prepared with First Class High Level Technologies
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