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About us


Hakemsizsiniz , since 2017, it has been providing information to the refereeing in digital media and carrying out all activities in this field. By publishing information, questions, video tests about refereeing every day, our activity is to prepare those who are high referees for all exams, to prepare and inform those who want to be referees. Every day, we update our team for our followers or people who will follow you without a referee and we continue our work. We conduct our research and publish it in digital media in order to reach wider audiences and present accurate and up-to-date information.


Refshoptr has been operating in all kinds of referee materials sector on digital, social platforms since 2018. My aim is to make people who prefer us happy by offering high quality products at affordable prices to people who prefer us. Let's not forget that everyone has the right to a comfortable life and a quality life. We are currently sending our high quality and affordable products to our customers through our online website to 30 different countries. Our aim is to provide our quality and service by reaching all over the world.

After operating in digital media, ie social media platforms, since 2018, our store was opened in AFYONKARAHİSAR and became operational. Our company serves the people & customers who follow and prefer us in our country and around the world every day.

Company Owner & Founder: Ramazan Bilgin

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